Criteria for the Gurus 30 award

In judging the contenders we focused on two groups, which excluded political, military and business people and focused on those practitioners who develop and instill competency in others. Those in the Top 30 Gurus in their respective categories are the “Cream of the Crop”, the World’s Top 30 most influential Professionals in their areas and have received more than 1000 votes each. All not only apply their own principals to achieve superior results in their organizations, but develop and influence people and organisations throughout the globe.

Our research came from e-mails sent to 22,000 business people, consultants, academics and MBA’s around the world for nominations and our public opinion poll.

We shortlist 60 names then did a Google search for ranking.

The criteria for judging the TOP 30 focused on: Public opinion, Originality of ideas, practicality of ideas, presentation style, international outlook, impact of ideas, quality of publications and writings, dispersion of publications and writings, and guru factor.

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